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Third workshop on advanced methods in theoretical neuroscience

June 27-29, 2018 • Göttingen, Germany

Dynamics of learning and computations in neuronal circuits

June 27-29, 2018 • Göttingen, Germany • Tutorials: June 26

Please find most updated schedule here.


Understanding information processing in the brain requires powerful mathematical techniques capable of capturing the nonlinear and noisy dynamics observed across different temporal and spatial scales. At the level of local circuits, a mesoscopic computational theory for neuronal circuits typically entails two essential dynamical processes: (i) the dynamics of learning and synaptic organisation processes that follow the statistics of stimuli and tasks; and (ii) the dynamics of neuronal activity-patterns dynamics in response to a particular stimulus and internal states of the network. While these two critical processes typically operate on different timescales and have been studied separately, they are unarguably related. A common assertion is that simple and local plasticity rules may lead to complicated representations. Nonetheless, understanding the limits imposed by the computation phase, such as capacity or dynamic stability, can guide the study of relevant local rules in the learning phase.

This workshop will focus on the inherent difficulties of studying the spatiotemporal neural circuit dynamics. Of particular interest are studies that apply new or modified theoretical frameworks for studying disordered systems that yield testable predictions. This forum is intended for researchers to not only share results but also survey and discuss recent advances in methods and to pinpoint limitations of the existing theoretical tools.

We seek active discussions among participants and speakers, the exchange of new approaches and methods, and presentations that will spark new ideas for future developments. These exchanges will be complemented by poster presentations from students and postdocs. Aday of tutorial sessions will be held prior to the main meeting, covering some of the background and methods discussed in the workshop.


Please see address of the venue and ways to get there here.

Confirmed speakers

Tentative schedule can be found here.

In addition, some of the speakers in the 2015 and 2016 workshops have confirmed their attendance:


The tutorials will be held prior to the main meeting on June 26, 2018 run from 9am till 5pm to introduce students and postdocs into the mathematical techniques employed in computational neuroscience.

Registration for the tutorials is free but required due to limited capacity. Please register here.

Tentative program for the tutorials can be found here


Attendance of the workshop is free but limited, and registration is required. Seats will be allocated on first-come-first-served basis. Accepted abstracts for poster submission will be guaranteed a seat. Apply now.

Poster submission

Poster submissions are highly encouraged. Please submit your abstracts before April 20, 2018. You will be informed about your registration at the end of April. Due to the limited time and a schedule that promotes exchanges of advanced research ideas, talks are by invitation only. However, the organizers will try to allocate one or two shorter talk slots for selected submitted abstracts.

Technical specifications for posters can be found here.


Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany. You may look at MPI-DS website for a complete address and a travel guide.

Transportation and Hotels

For a list of hotels near by, and transportation to and from Göttingen, please visit here.